Financial Aid for Students

Scholarships are provided based on the decision of AMAA Armenia Committee for Educational programs.

Welcome to AMAA Armenia!

We are pleased to welcome you to the Armenian Missionary Association of America's (AMAA) Armenia Branch website.

Virtual Exhibition at Baghramyan 18

AMAA Armenia and Eden Studio present Virtual Exhibition with 360° panoramas dedicated to the 170th anniversary of The Armenian Evangelical Church.

Remembering a Hero: Hrant Dink

We firmly believe that his blood was not shed in vain and his voice will never be silenced!

Shogh Day Care Centers

We foster children's skills through providing high-quality education.


Social Services and Sponsorship for Vulnerable Children

Avedisian School

Nation’s future lies in quality education


10000 +


5000 +

Syrian Armenians

54000 +


450 +




 Want to Contribute/Donate?

If you want to  contribute to the implementation of AMAA programs (educational, social, cultural, development, etc.), you can do that through Volunteer Service, or through donations to AMAA programs.

Volunteer Service: 

If you want to invest your time and skills in AMAA programs, you can call us at +37410 54 35 76, or +37410 54 35 78, or email us at  Please indicate in you message the area of your interest for your volunteer work, and attach your resume/CV.



Thank you for not being indifferent and for your desire to support the educational process of our younger generation through AMAA programs, and for your helping people living in difficult conditions.

  • Khoren and Shooshanig Avedisian School and Community Center—high-quality education for children of the Southwestern District of Yerevan
  • ''Shogh'' DayCare Centers—educational and social-psychological support to vulnerable children
  • Support to Syrian Armenian Fund—support our compatriots from Syria to overcome difficulties they have

You can make a donation in the AMAA Armenia Office at 18 Baghramyan St. (the former US Embassy), or make an electronic transfer through Converse bank to 1930049677440100 account. 

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